Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am continuing my experience with the zlio affiliate program. During the last day I experienced a major problem with my shops. It seems that this was a problem concerning the whole zlio community as I noticed the problem in other zlio shops. The problem was that for some items the buy button just wasn't working. For over 50 percent of my items the buy buttons was a just an anchor link to the top of my page. I was troubled that this was happening because zlio was leaved by some number of its partner sites. The reason I was led to this conclusion was that for these items I wasn't seeing anything in the section "Get the best deal with our partners !". Well, it turned out that I wasn't right. All my buttons are working now as expected and I am being redirected to the proper partner site (, etc)
I am still having troubles with google indexing my sites as I wish. At least now I am sure that it didn't ban my sites entirely. But google isn't indexing even the half of my pages. Yesterday I had about 60 pages index of one of my sites and now I see that google returns results from only 20 of them. Too bad, as I have more than 700 pages in this site.

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