Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to blogging

It seems I haven't posted anything in this blog for quite a while.
So what happened for the last two years?
I still work at my regular job as a software engineer, where I do some JSF development lately. My PHP experience helps me in a way, but still JSF is much different, especially in the way it manages requests. Almost all JSF requests are POST and are submitted back to the current page. This seems quite strange to a PHP developer in the beginning.
I have completely abandoned my ZLIO shops. Good experience in SEO for a beginner, you feel good and proud you have a site on the web, but nothing more.
I started another project recently. A soccer (European football) oriented digg clone site, called footll. Football has a big audience and thus you have a lot of competition in this field. I use PHP open source software called Pligg, which I heavily modified for my needs. Besides development, there is tons of work on such a project, regarding user interface, marketing ,support, legal issues, etc. Just imagine how you need to configure over 1000 different football teams in their appropriate leagues, countries, etc. And furthermore at the end of the season you have teams which were promoted or dropped out so once configured, this cannot be left without manual supervision.
This project is one step away from low-value affiliate programs such as ZLIO, but I still don't believe it is enough for a significant internet success. Anyway I think of it as another way for gaining some useful experience, which I am going to apply in my next projects, which already circle my brain.
I hope that my next post here will be sooner than 2011.
If anyone was that lost in Internet that he found this article and read it up till this point: Bye for now, take care and cheers.

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Steliyan Georgiev said...

This is a ghost blog. It is only me and the bots.